I can't express how valuable Charlene is as a pet care professional. She has cared for three of my loves over the last 6 years every week and my only regret is that she moved to Douglasville...too far away for our care needs! Her bright, cheery disposition is comforting to nervous pups and helps them acclimate in social situations but make no mistake, she's got the commitment and strength to insure that your dog is safe and protected in all situations. If you have a dominant bully (as I did), her no nonsense approach will keep them in line while also insuring that they enjoy life to the fullest and frankly, fall deeply in love with her, looking forward to every chance they get to be in her company. What more can one say than "my dogs love her endlessly and I trust her implicitly"!

—  Ruth, Proud Owner of Jake, Reign & Fig

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